Nadia Humayun

Director Operations

Nadia Humayun is a graduate of U.E.T. Peshawar in Electrical (Communication) Engineering and has a PGD in Telecommunication Engineering from Military College of Signals, National University of Sciences and Technology, Rawalpindi. She has worked as a researcher in the field of photonics, fibre-optic communication and integrated airborne navigation and guidance systems at Advanced Engineering Research Organization, Pakistan.

Nadia has an over two years of editorial work experience. She is on the board of advisors of, an online news & analysis alternate policy institute and member board of directors “Mere Log”, an NGO whose primary focus is disaster management and social rehabilitation in disaster hit areas of Pakistan. Other projects that she is currently involved in are:

  • Asian Stratagic Review (ASR) – A project of Kashmiri based intellectuals and academians.
  • Reclaiming Islam – A project on counter narrative building against extremism.

Hailing from a political background, Nadia has worked in close liaison with different mainstream political parties and a keen observer of regional and global political scenarios.

Her areas of expertise are:

Political analysis and regional security with a special focus on Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.

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