About Stratagem

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The backdrop of political situation in Pakistan in the post Kargil era prompted non-partisan academics of various disciplines to converge on a single platform, and challenge the normative groupthink by floating alternative perspective. This core team comprised of intellectual figures, including international relations scholars, peace and conflict researchers, journalists and bureaucrat officials.

The provision of timely researched analyses was aimed to counter the discrepancies in conventional wisdom reflected in the internal and external policies of Pakistan. We ensured that our insights and experiences were shared with the policy makers and the public as well. Our platform was also used as a research conduit by foreign emissaries and national political figures.

This can be said with assurance that our insights have contributed significantly in national and international policy circles engaged in mitigating the emerging global threats, including those from international terrorists.

Stratagem is how we present ourselves.

To formulate realistic policy trajectories to help decision makers chart a course toward sustainable progress.

  • To use our research in a way that will influence policy-makers to bring about a positive change in society
  • To provide a credible and viable source of information on a wide range of issues/subjects
  • To provide a platform for solution oriented debate encompassing a diverse range of mindsets
  • To present an objective and quantitative analysis
  • To analyze past and current policies and device decisive trajectories based on facts and perceptions.
  • To help bridge the gap between the world of ideas and action.
  • To advance the interests of Pakistan in a timely manner so as to compete with the trending misinformed narratives.
  • The focus will be on four domains: security, geopolitics/geo-strategy, economy and governance
  • To undertake research, consultancy and advocacy in the areas concerned to national interests and any other areas which have consequential effect for national interest
  • To promote the real values of Islam and to carry out efforts to counter radicalization of society through engagement, dialogue and providing solution oriented platform.
  • To initiate research, analytical study, seminars, talks and discussions and to promote public awareness, education and understanding of Islamic ideology, socio-economic system and philosophy and provide forum for research scholars, specialists, experts, writers, speakers, thinkers for free intellectual interaction and to develop consensus and understanding in vital Islamic issues, xo that a collective narrative may come out to counter all what has been done to undermine Islamic values and also to counter the radical approach of prevailing and infecting our society
  • To address the issues of national interest or part thereof through research work whose shall be presented to the concerned quarters including but not limited to civilians, politicians, corporations, media, military etc for their consumption
  • To address general issues or the queries of specific clients including corporations, media, politicians, any authority, regulatory body, government, social organization, international organization etc. through consultancy work.
  • To do advocacy revolving around lobbying, networking, capacity and development efforts with the objective to promote and educate public, masses, individuals and groups that can influence different segments of society, politicians, corporations and Media groups.
  • To establish, manage, maintain, own and administer, an institution, for study and research, to use as a platform for building narratives, through different means and mediums, such as establishing of centers of learning, reading rooms, and other institutions for carrying out such activities in order to create an awareness about Pakistan, its potentials, threats it faces and provision of research based solution through all medium and means.
  • To establish an alternative source of media, by managing, maintaining and administrating, publications of journals, magazines, online radio shows, video shows, by using available potential options.
  • To generate positive debates on digital media on different forums, through the different available tools and for this purpose, to undertake, maintain, manage and administer the debate and to moderate it for a positive grooming of the youth, intellectuals and policy think tanks.
  • To become a resource ground for an alternative point of view about policy matters related to domestic, regional and global issues.
  • To provide a platform for research and development relating to object of the Company and in this regard to make available key knowledge tools such as :-
    • A well-equipped library;
    • Database and electronic connectivity; and
    • Website for research publications and interaction.
    • Publications of research oriented material, through magazines, journals, books etc.
  • To undertake steps for promotion of research such as :-
    • To define and support research;
    • To encourage members to conduct research; and
    • To participate in regional and international research initiatives;
  • To undertake any activity for development such as;
    • To arrange funding for supporting research; and
    • To organize and set up of any entity related to the objects of the Company;
    • to provide a forum for participation of all concerned
  • To enable discussion/dialogue for promoting quality research

  • Giving legitimacy to ideas and sculpting them into words.
  • Assessing public opinion and behavior through rigorous research.
  • Planning and devising strategies most favorable to the people.
  • Generating debate and creating long-term goals to influence policy.
  • Disseminating facts, analyses and forecasts through print and digital media.
  • Creating awareness by engaging governments, civil society and the private sector in open debate and confidential discussion on the most significant developments in global affairs. Stratagem organizes seminars, workshops and moderated discussion sessions in which the experts in respective fields present their findings on different issues.
  • Through the timely and rigorous analyses presented online and in monthly print issues, Stratagem provides vital research outputs on current topics. These are circulated through paid subscription service.
  • Provision of research consultancy and advocacy services to the state officials and academia.
  • Developing new ideas and workable solutions as confrontational measures against emerging challenges.

Stratagem focuses on analyzing and predicting events associated with local and international politics, countering militancy and terrorism, and devising geostrategic policy. We aim to inform and educate our readers through neatly divided sections, namely:

  • Geopolitics and Diagnosis delve into the heart of the issue and thoroughly inspect contemporary local and international affairs.
  • Business Review deals with the ever-changing world economy and how it affects us.
  • Issues concerning militancy and terror outfits are addressed in Armed and Dangerous.
  • While Bio Sphere discusses life and the environmental matters surrounding it.
  • A fresh perspective is given out in Setting the Record Straight
  • Whereas Strategic Pulse and Political Landscape provide insight into geopolitical strategy and national political affairs respectively.
  • In house Analysis deals with the immediate response and input on developing scenarios and issues.
  • Visuals deal with the Web TV shows, v-blogs exclusive photographic and info graphics. Stratagem presents its viewers fact sheets through best available mediums of communication.

Above all sections are projected and published through our Publication, that we call, Stratagem Magazine. The detailed analysis from all the analysts is published on monthly basis in the magazine, which for now we publish online. The in house analysis, however, is only published on the website and does not become part of the monthly publication.

Apart from the publication of Magazine, we are also working on the following lines to educate and inform and update our readers about prevailing issues:

  • Weekly News Letter
  • Weekly Security Brief
  • Weekly Geopolitical Log

Generating debate and gathering public opinion through seminars and utilization of digital and social media are also a means through which Stratagem aims to reach and influence intelligentsia and the intelligent masses alike.